Megatronix PT25 2-Button Replacement Transmitter Remote 303MHz FCC OARTXAM01

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  • 2-button replacement remote with combined arm and disarm button (Chip PT2262)
  • FCC ID: OARTXAM01 (Replaces J5523518T1 J5523518RT1)
  • AM, 303MHz, red LED lens (Red when LED on)
  • Compatible with select Aamp, Baretta, Crimestopper, Delta, Gargoyle, ICD, JTI, Sos, TRC, Trident, Vampire, Ungo
  • Note: The replacement remote you will receive will look slightly different than pictured due to manufacturer changes beyond our control, but will still work and program the same. The above picture is of the original remote shown to assist you with identification purposes only
  • Programming instructions included (You will need to use the system's valet/override programming switch (push button or toggle type) to perform the programming procedure)