Megatronix MT66H 5-Button Replacement Transmitter Remote 310MHz FCC H50T12 H5OT12

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  • 5-Button replacement transmitter remote (Replacement for M3RF-3, M4RF-1, M4RF-2, M4RF-2P, M5RF-2, XT-23, XT-57, XT-61, XT-62, XT-63)
  • FCC ID: H50T12 H5OT12 (Replacement for B23AT67, H50T09 H5OT09, H50T10 H5OT10, H50T11 H50T11, H50T15 H5OT15, H50T19 H5OT19)
  • AM, 433.92MHz, orange LED lens (Orange when LED on)
  • Works for CPX-2300, M2, M3, M4, M5, RF-105KE, RF-1050KE, RF-1055KE, RF-305, RF-305A, RF-310, RF-405, RF-405A, RF-410, RF-503, RF-505
  • Compatible with select Autopage, Car Pro, Commando, Marksman, Megalarm, Viking
  • Programming instructions included (You will need to use the system's override/valet push-button or toggle-type programming switch to perform the programming procedure)