Marksman X7RF 5-Button Replacement Transmitter Remote 433.92MHz FCC H50T21 H5OT21

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  • 5-Button replacement transmitter remote (Replacement for CA-RC6F, CATX100, CATX110, CATX120, CATX1WAY, CPL100TX, M3ARF, M3RF-3, M4ARF, M4RF-1, M4RF-2, M4RF-2P, M5ARF, M5RF-2, MKERF3, SLRF41, X6RF1B, X7RF, XT-11, XT-12, XT-21, XT-24, XT-33, XT-57, XT-59, XT-60, XT-61, XT-62, XT-63, XT-65S, XT-72S)
  • FCC ID: H50T21 H5OT21 (Replacement for B23AT67, GOH-PAN04, GOH-PAN05, H50T09 H5OT09, H50T10 H5OT10 (Not for Car Pro), H50T11 H50T11, H50T12 H50T12, H50T13 H5OT13, H50T15 H5OT15, H50T19 H5OT19, H50T20 H5OT20, H50T27 H5OT27, H50T29 H5OT29, H50T30 H5OT30, H50T31 H5OT31, H50T33 H5OT33, H50T52 H5OT52)
  • AM, superheterodyne (SAW), 433.92MHz, clear LED lens (Blue, green, or red when LED on)
  • Works for RF-105KE, RF-1050KE, RF-1055KE, RF-215, RF-220, RF-225, RF-305, RF-310, RF-315, RF-350, RF-355, RF-405, RF-405A, RF-410, RF-420, RF-425, RF-425A, RF-503, RF-505, RF-520, RF-525, RS-60, RS-600, RS-601, RS-602, RS-603, RS-603A, RS-610, RS-610PLUS, RS-615, RS-620, RS-622, RS-625, RS-625A, RS-650, RS-650PLUS, RS-655, RS-660, RS-662, RS-665, RS-665A, RS-665-2W, RS-665-2WA, RS-720, RS-725, RS-727, RS-727A, RS-730, RS-730A, RST-205KE, RST-2050KE, RST-2053AL
  • Works for CA-100, CA-110, CA-120, CA-140, CA-170, CA-210, CA-540, CA-640, CA-650, CPL-100, CPX-RS1, CPX-RS2, DS-434, KE-120, M2, M2A, M3, M3A, M4, M5, M5A, M6, M6A, M7, M7A, M8A, M9A, M12, M12A, PLUS-4800, PLUS-5800, PLUS-6800, RKE-520, RST-522, RST-560, X3, X4, X6, X7, X9
  • Compatible with select Alert, Autopage, Car Pro, Carbine, Carroll Shelby, Code Alarm, Commando, Gorilla, Keymaster, Marksman, Megalarm, Silencer, TRC, Viking (Not with Datastart, Prestige, Pursuit, Xpresskit)
  • Programming instructions included (You will need to use the system's override/valet push-button or toggle-type programming switch to perform the programming procedure)