Directed Electronics DEI 793T Pager Strip Antenna With Coaxial Style Male Plug For Car Alarm Paging Security Systems

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  • Pager strip antenna with coaxial style male plug (DIN 41585) (3M adhesive tape backing for mounting)
  • Windshield mount PCB strip design (Do not attach to metal, window defrosters, or existing antennas)
  • Used for 4Watt 27MHz car alarm pager paging security systems (No need to use existing car antenna)
  • Comparable to Megatronix Megapage MPANT; Seco-larm Enforcer E-35ANT, E-37ANT
  • Compatible with DEI 790T, 795T, 795W; Megapage MP300, MP300V; Secopage E-35E, E-35E7, E-35EV, E-35RD, E-35RV, E-37EV