Code Alarm PT4 4-Button Replacement Transmitter Remote 314MHz FCC ELVATKC

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  • Code Alarm, Chapman, Ford, GM and other compatible 3 and 4 button 314MHz replacement remote
  • FCC ID: ELVATKC (Replacement for GOH-FOUR, GOH-M51-016)
  • Programmable to the following models: CSM2.5, CSM3, CSM4, ELITE1100, ELITE1500, ELITE2000SE, ELITE4500, ELITE6500, ELITE911, ELITE950, ELITE COMPETITION, PRO100, PRO1000, PRO200, PRO3000, PRO3500, PRO5000, PRO5500, PRO7000, PRO750, RCS2, RKE1, SURESTARTRVS, SURESTARTRVSII, SURESTARTSE, SURESTARTSE433
  • Note: Replacement remote you will receive will look slightly different than pictured due to manufacturer changes beyond our control, but will still work and program the same (button configurations can vary on this remote)
  • Note: Will need to use the system's valet switch (programming/override button) to perform the programming procedure, but on some models it is possible to perform programming without the valet switch (access to the receiver under the dash is required)
  • Programming instructions included